Implant success in your dental practice.

Most clinicians learn best by doing. Our focus is not on plastic or wood, but on human beings, and providing care for them that is predictable, safe, and effective. Our clinicians place implants, and that is the measure of our success. We provide the patients, and you get the education. Real patients. Real surgery. Real education. We invite you to join us!


Alabama Implant Education

This 6-day course centers around basic implant placement for the beginning surgeon, with patients that are provided.

Comprehensive Implant Residency Program

This year-long course covers advanced implant topics, and is designed for clinicians with a significant focus on implant dentistry.

Other Teaching and Learning

Graduates of our courses are welcome to return to the clinic for additional mentored clinical experiences.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation For The General Dentist: A competency course in moderate parenteral sedation.


​To say this was a good course, even the best course I have taken, wouldn’t be saying enough. It has changed my life. I was burned out on dentistry and really needed a fresh charge. You guys gave it to me. Truly one of the best things I have ever done. Can’t thank you enough! — Dr. A. W.

The course was really great. The hands on experience the course offers is hands down the best that I have heard of. There’s not much more I could really ask for I loved it. Sorry if I don’t have anything negative to say to help but I don’t. Thank you again. — Dr. Robert Truzzolino

I can’t speak higher about the course. The material, people and experience was fantastic. The most rewarding aspect was being able to work hands-on in live surgery and put didactics into practice. I will recommend to everyone I can! And hopefully complete CIRP someday! Thank you! — Dr. Matthew Stepler

This course was the most rewarding thing I have done in my 29 years of dentistry. The lecture weekend was informative and detailed. I feel I received a great deal of foundational data to cultivate my diagnostic and treatment planning for implants. The surgical weekend clearly was my favorite. The opportunity to provide for and treat several patients with varying needs was helpful. Having the instructors— Dr. Barry Gravitt

The course was everything I hoped it would be and more. I have always enjoyed doing surgery but haven’t had as much opportunity in the area that I work. This course was just what I needed to re-ignite the excitement that I used to get from performing surgical extractions and other oral surgeries. The overall relaxed setting of the course was what really put— Dr. Skyler Holcomb

I can’t say enough positive things about the entire course! I have been searching for quite some time for a course like this….and it exceeded all my expectations! Making the hike from Michigan .....the lectures were informative, yet content specific ....the hands on portion at the Foundry was spot on. Without hesitation, I would recommend this course to my friends and colleagues. Most— Dr. Mary J. Stahle

Loved the surgical session! Felt very confident once I left possibly considering the CIRP once I get a few under my belt! Thanks for everything. — Dr. Patrizia Scalia

The AIE course was fantastic, far exceeding my expectations. Dr McCracken’s laid back teaching style made him very easy to approach and ask questions. I loved the fact that the course wasn’t too heavy in “bone biology” and geared more toward practical everyday practice . The surgical session was phenomenal! I gained tremendous confidence very quickly and feel like I can go back home— Dr. J. Chris Martin

AIE is without a doubt one of the best courses I have taken. The information taught during the didactic portion was clearly presented and applicable. Questions were always addressed and satisfactorily answered by Dr. McCracken. The surgical portion of the course at the Foundry was simply amazing. Drs. McCracken and Rosenstiel were so gracious in their instruction during this portion of the course. I would— Dr. Devin Hall

I was very pleased with the implant course. Dr McCracken is a very good lecturer and I think his ability to simplify complex concepts and processes is what makes the course so effective. I really appreciated the “cheat sheets” that give all the information in one easy to find location. The surgical portion of the course was what made it truly valuable with so much— Dr. Daniel Cathey

Thank you for the implant education! Sinus grafts are great, patients are happy. I am hiring an associate now to take care of the “regular” dentistry! All I want to do is implants. I am placing and restoring about 350 implants per year now. I wish I had taken the course sooner!— Dentist from Texas

It is hard to express how much this has changed my life. It has reinvigorated me, and my entire practice! I was getting a little burned out, and what I learned with you guys has helped me get excited about dentistry again. Thank you!— Dentist from Florida

The hands-on experience I received in the CIRP and AIE courses is unparalleled in my continuing education training. The small class size and case presentation portions of the course fostered a great environment to ask questions and see a multitude of cases. The course has built my confidence and laid a solid foundation for placing implants in my practice. Without reservation, I would recommend this— Dr. Matt Palomaki

The way I approach treatment plans now is totally different. We are doing surgery now every week in my office. Sinus grafting. Lateral augmentations. It has changed my practice.— Dr. Matt Holly, Alabama

With Dr. McCracken being a prosthodontist and an implantologist – that was my interest. I don’t want to be trained by an oral surgeon. I want to be trained by a prosthodontist. That is the key. If we have questions in the office, I am always in contact with Dr. Guy and Dr. McCracken; they always get back to me with some advice and that— Dr. Ann K, Georgia

Once I came here I started to slowly gain confidence. This is the best CE course I have ever taken in my career. I can’t stress enough how hands on it was, and how much mentoring we got from our instructors. I have started doing this in my office. And that is the best testimonial I can give anyone. If you come here,you— Dr. George H., Maryland

I have taken many implant courses across the country and this course, by far, was the most beneficial. I have fellowships through multiple different implant institutions, but there is no other place to get the hands on training from instructors as knowledgeable and caring as Dr. McCracken and Dr. Rosensteil. The trips to Bessemer were always educational, but I got so much more out of— Brock Barras, D.D.S.

My experience with the the AIE and CIRP courses were second to none. I was immediately able to take the hands-on experiences I received back to my office and place dental implants with confidence. I can honestly say these were the best CE courses I’ve taken in my career and will continue to bring me a return on my investment for years to come.— George M. Hebeka, D.D.S. | Bowling Green, Ohio

First of all, about a month ago, I sent Dr. McCracken a note regarding your phenomenal implant course. I hope that he shared it with you, but just in case, I will include it at the end of my letter to you. Also, Enclosed is a picture of my first solo implant. Of course, I couldn’t sleep the night before and was wishing I— Jane Ligums, DMD, FAGD

This course was fabulous!!!— Dr. Jane from Jersey

2013 was an amazing year. Despite taking numerous implant courses, my hands-on skills were still not up to par. I had a low level of confidence in my abilities until I stumbled onto CIRP. Drs McCracken and Guy are both amazing clinicians who have patiently taught and guided me through this yearly journey, honing my surgical techniques and, more importantly, Treatment Planning. Thank you for your— Dr. Ann Absi | Atlanta, GA

I can’t begin to tell you how much I have enjoyed my experience with you at the CIRP course. I had no idea how much surgical experience I would be getting during my time at the course. The structure that you have created with the Foundry Dental Clinic is one that’s quite unique and “win-win” for both patients and doctors. I’m convinced— Dr. Dwight Landry | Geismar, LA