Real Patients. Real Surgery.

Real Education.

Implant success in your dental practice.

Most clinicians learn best by doing. Our focus is not on plastic or wood, but on human beings, and providing care for them that is predictable, safe, and effective. Our clinicians place implants, and that is the measure of our success. We provide the patients, and you get the education. Real patients. Real surgery. Real education. We invite you to join us!

Alabama Implant Education

This 6-day course centers around basic implant placement for the beginning surgeon, with patients that are provided.

This course centers around live patient care and mentored surgical experiences. For the student this means real patients, real surgery and real education. This curriculum rewards hard work and supports students with high levels of personal attention. Small classes ensure plenty of interaction with our faculty.

Our graduates place implants successfully in their own practices.

Comprehensive Implant Residency Program

This year-long course covers advanced implant topics, and is designed for clinicians with a significant focus on implant dentistry.

We believe the best way to learn new dental techniques is to practice them in a mentored environment.

In our Comprehensive Implant Residency Program we operate every session.* Patients are provided for these experiences and you will follow the patients post-operatively. It is common for our delegates to place 20-40 implants in a day. Delegates then review and discuss their cases in a study club environment. This completes the learning loop and provides an unparalleled learning experience.

IV Parenteral Sedation

IV Sedation For The General Dentist: A competency course in moderate parenteral sedation.

Training in parenteral sedation allows dentists to safely and effectively treat patients who would otherwise not seek or receive dental care. This includes fearful patients and patients who simply desire sedation as part of complex treatment.

While many specialists offer sedation, they are typically not comfortable providing restorative work, such as complex operative restorations or crown preparations. For this reason, and to increase overall access to care, it is necessary to train general dentists in the appropriate use of parenteral sedation. Plus, it is a terrific practice builder!

Surgical Sessions

Graduates of our courses are welcome to return to the clinic for additional mentored clinical experiences.

Graduates of our courses are welcome to return to the clinic for additional mentored clinical experiences.

We will offer you the patient and provide you with additional opportunities for further learning and valuable experience.

What our graduates say about us...

Read from an assortment of people who have graduated from our courses and are now taking their learning experiences back to their own clinics.

​To say this was a good course, even the best course I have taken, wouldn’t be saying enough. It has changed my life. I was burned out on dentistry and really needed a fresh charge. You guys gave it to me. Truly one of the best things I have ever done. Can’t thank you enough!

Dr. A. W.

The course was really great. The hands on experience the course offers is hands down the best that I have heard of. There’s not much more I could really ask for I loved it. Sorry if I don’t have anything negative to say to help but I don’t. Thank you again.

Dr. Robert Truzzolino

I can’t speak higher about the course. The material, people and experience was fantastic. The most rewarding aspect was being able to work hands-on in live surgery and put didactics into practice. I will recommend to everyone I can! And hopefully complete CIRP someday! Thank you!

Dr. Matthew Stepler