We offer three courses of study. Our basic course, AIE, focuses on foundational concepts for placing implants in abundant bone. Our CIRP course covers more advanced topics, such as sinus grafting and site development. Finally, our guided surgery course centers around the use of technology for precise implant placement.

Soft Tissue Lecture

A chance to learn more about the esthetic potential for dental implants and how to achieve it. CIRP and AEGD alumni are invited to attend.

CIRP Alumni Event

Come join us for a CIRP reunion!

Alabama Implant Education

This 5-day course centers around basic implant placement for the beginning surgeon, with patients that are provided.

Comprehensive Implant Residency Program

This year-long course covers advanced implant topics, and is designed for clinicians with a significant focus on implant dentistry.

Guided Surgery Education

Learn how to use technology to place and restore implants with precision and confidence.

Surgical Sessions

Graduates of our courses are welcome to return to the clinic for additional mentored clinical experiences.